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Lovely apartment located a few minutes from the central station of the city of Matera, ideal for couples who want to spend a relaxing vacation.
The fully renovated location is equipped with all amenities and furnished with refinement and attention to detail.

All spaces are finely furnished and modern in design, and each room enjoys an independent air-conditioning system.
The living room features a fireplace and a smart TV with direct access to satellite channels and Netflix.
The kitchen is complete with induction cooktop, refrigerator, freezer, microwave oven, kettle and coffee maker.
The master bedroom area features a stunning smart projector for media viewing up to 70 inches.

*Access to the area in the photo is reserved for breakfast only.

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Matera is the perfect place to spend a pleasant weekend, a city with UNESCO heritage areas, rich in rock churches and fascinating Neolithic sites. All major areas of interest are within easy walking distance given the central and favorable location of Dimora Sovrana.

Contacts: +39 371 62 51 117
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